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Communities and subscribers

October 02, 2019


These visualizations are based on data from, an online platform based on a rating system that allows users to appraise other individual users as well as content entries and comments posted by them.

There are about 6225 communities on Let's sort them by the number of subscribers and visualize: 1570035900 62c2b95fa27a6d4f9d4080be3a8ca077 x - community's index, y - number of the community's subscribers

The average number of subscribers is 629. Let's show which communities have more or fewer subscribers than the average: 1570036168 9518cef0db7eae929b7bdab20986939b

Most of the communities are below the average number of subscribers.

A median number of subscribers is 17: 1570036315 5a4d8f93e54bde58644ee1e78e805dcd

Mode is 1: 1570036686 98b3c8571d2726b7f31e980d91df3f68

Let's take a closer look at the top 200 (by the number of subscribers) of the communities: 1570037102 f1d758647dc58fd7c746949dbc0d3551

And colorize the clusters: 1570037248 b2816ef485f41acadcebdb65d6ef2cb9

The number of the top 80 domains was artificially increased. Let's decrease the red ones by 28000 and the orange ones by 2000: 1570037724 977f4a487b3774d5fb84b4580c194dea