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August 28, 2019


These visualizations are based on data from, an online platform based on a rating system that allows users to appraise other individual users as well as content entries and comments posted by them.

Like, has a concept of karma. There are also communities with opposite political views which leads to mutual downvotes in each other's karmas.

Let's take a look at how changed karmas of all users on 1563357315 84dba4bd43006b017b09e323ca630322 The red lines ended up with negative karma and the green lines - positive.

You may notice a green mark around September 2016 - this is where users of one community organized to downvote users from the opposite community. The event was called "karmapulta" (karma + catapult).

Let's take a look at the downvoted community: 1563368232 5e04eab1b5b61d764f18ce45db1a2e52 As the mark below 0 is green, this shows how users of the downvoted community organized to upvote the downvoted users.

If we leave only the most affected users who were downvoted and then upvoted during the karmapulta: 1567104207 48aa961f5e7b2821e01735fb6dcdba65