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List Azure resource locations

April 18, 2021



If you want to create a new resource group from Azure CLI. You can easily do it like that:

az group create --location westus -name MyResourceGroup

But what if you would like to create a resource group in Europe or Asia? What should you type instead of westus?

To have a complete list of available locations, you can run:

az account list-locations

You will get a long output like this:

[ // ... { "displayName": "Brazil Southeast", "id": "/subscriptions/.../locations/brazilsoutheast", "metadata": { "geographyGroup": "South America", "latitude": "-22.90278", "longitude": "-43.2075", "pairedRegion": [ { "id": "/subscriptions/.../locations/brazilsouth", "name": "brazilsouth", "subscriptionId": null } ], "physicalLocation": "Rio", "regionCategory": "Other", "regionType": "Physical" }, "name": "brazilsoutheast", "regionalDisplayName": "(South America) Brazil Southeast", "subscriptionId": null } ]

This list is hard to read and what you need from it is the name property of each location. To get only names, use the --query parameter:

az account list-locations --query "[*].name"

The output is way readable now:

[ "eastus", "eastus2", "southcentralus", "westus2", "australiaeast", // ... "norwaywest", "switzerlandwest", "ukwest", "uaecentral", "brazilsoutheast" ]

But still, it would be nice to sort the list alphabetically:

az account list-locations --query "[*].name" --out tsv | sort


asia asiapacific australia australiacentral australiacentral2 australiaeast australiasoutheast brazil brazilsouth brazilsoutheast canada canadacentral canadaeast centralindia centralus centraluseuap centralusstage eastasia eastasiastage eastus eastus2 eastus2euap eastus2stage eastusstage europe francecentral francesouth germanynorth germanywestcentral global india japan japaneast japanwest jioindiawest koreacentral koreasouth northcentralus northcentralusstage northeurope norwayeast norwaywest southafricanorth southafricawest southcentralus southcentralusstage southeastasia southeastasiastage southindia switzerlandnorth switzerlandwest uaecentral uaenorth uk uksouth ukwest unitedstates westcentralus westeurope westindia westus westus2 westus2stage westus3 westusstage

If you are in PowerShell, you could filter the output like this:

az account list-locations --query "[*].name" ` | ConvertFrom-Json ` | sort ` | where { $_ -like "*europe*" }


europe northeurope westeurope